Tiny House, Big Life

Finding affordable housing in the US has become a huge problem, with a rising population of financially burdened people by rent or mortgage. Real-estate prices continue to rise in the major metropolitan areas in the US, so fewer and fewer people can afford hobbies, active social life or traveling. On top of all that, the average house size in the US has more than doubled in the last 30 years in the US. People are becoming more isolated and withdrawn. The invention of social media is not helping either, since people are now choosing virtual over real-life interactions with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Tiny houses were originally planned as the answer to the current housing crisis and a move towards a more sustainable and clutter-free living. What has been a surprising side-effect, those tiny house owners have been reporting an improvement in their social life, life and career satisfaction, as well as closer and more fruitful relationships with their partners in tiny homes for sale in NY.

Clutter-Free Life

Tiny houses offer scarce space to their owners, so all the purchases and additions have to be carefully considered. The necessities will always have a priority in those decisions. Focusing on things you really need and eliminating cheap thrills and unncessary purchases, can help you live a more satisfied life not focused on the material wealth. Often, finding the things that make you happy and have meaning in your life, means removing all the things that are standing in the way of that.

Mortgage-Free Living

Mortgages have become a huge burden on the home budget, due to the rising real-estate prices. More and more people are having trouble paying their mortgage every year. More than 70% of tiny house owners do not have a mortgage. Many of them have either self-financed the building of their homes, or have done it with the help of friends and family. Not having a mortgage hanging above your head leads to a more stress-free life and ability to focus on other things.

Active Social Life and Freedom

Tiny houses are much more affordable to build than the regular one. On top of that, maintenance costs and monthly utilities are just a fraction of what they are in regular-sized homes. With all that disposable income, tiny house owners are free to pursue a more active social life, go out more, travel, enjoy hobbies. Some people don’t even feel the need to work full-time jobs, since they can make ends meet by working less, and spend more time with their families or doing things they really enjoy.

An additional benefit to this is the freedom to explore different career paths and pursue passion projects. It is difficult to make bold career choices and changes, if there is a pile of bills waiting for you every month. More affordable living provides space for people to go back to school, work part-time, volunteer, learn a trade or start their own business.

Closer Personal Relationships

Instead of isolating yourself in larger living spaces, tiny houses put interaction with other housemates at the center of their daily life. Most of the spaces are shared among the housemates and there is nowhere to hide from your problems and issues. Sure, it can be quite challenging when you don’t have a lot of personal space but at the same time, the only way relationships can grow is by facing the issues and problems and working through them. Also, having more free time is always beneficial to relationships and tiny houses can provide that to their owners. Being self-employed or working part-time can help you focus on your partner or family. Active communication and spending time together can do wonderful things for relationships.

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